IMCHF Fund Rasing Event in Montreal

Please join us on August 28, 2016 for the betterment of maternal and child health and education

The Miracle baby

Stacey is a Miracle Baby, Born 800 Gram During The Earthquake In Haiti Helped By a Team Of Doctor Led By Chairman Imchf Dr Zubair Now Turn Into Beautiful 4 Years Child. She Needs Your Support She Wants To Go To School.

Water project of IMCHF in Thar

Clean drinking water is the vital need in Thar. IMCHF provide drinking water to the people of Thar to improve their health and life

Psycho Socio Rehabilitation Center

Psychiatrist and Pediatrician is helping Special children in Rehabilitation

IMCF Nur-Ul-Ilm School

A project of International Maternal & Child Health Foundation Canada Please help us to help humanity


The vision behind IMCHF, with a group of dedicated workers committed to provide health & Education to the developing nations in the world.


To help pregnant women, Newborn & children.


To reduce the Maternal, Newborn and Children Mortality Rate and to improve the quality of Health Services in Poor Countries and to provide education to those areas where these facilities are not available.


To mobilize the target group and strengthen them in a manner that they are able to address their developmental need challenges in health and education by themselves. The ultimate goal of IMCHF is Community Development through self-sufficiency of the community. The members of IMCHF are working along with community volunteers who are organized in Community Based Organizations. All activities in the community are planned in co-ordination with the Community based Organization and implemented in the community through them, Hence, the community becomes Self sufficient and the community development work is sustainable. IMCHF believes in providing community development working together with grass-root workers. This includes provision of Primacy Health Care as well as imparting awareness to the population through improvement of literacy status of children and women.

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After his last mission from Haiti, Dr Zubair had decided to dedicate his whole life for the health & Education of Children and Mother of Poor and underdeveloped countries. When he shared his heart voice with his wife Fouzia, she not only supported his idea but also joined hand to hand & became part of the mission. He called his friends Dr Zia, Mr. Azam & Mr. Aqib and they all added their hands and laid the Foundation of International Maternal and Child Health Foundation Canada (IMCHF Canada) on February, 12, 2012.

He  was so excited that he put his ideas on the face book and more than 50 friends from all over the world supported his idea and showed their willingness to support the organization.  This makes his moral high to move forward and he shared this idea with his friends and colleagues & from the beginning of its birth more than hundred people joined from more than 10 countries.

The head office is in Canada, comprising of professionals (Doctors, Social workers, Educationists & students.


IMCHF: First Chapter

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Focus Areas

Work at National and Local levels to improve the health and well-being of women and children in developing countries, Our Maternal and Child health effort encompass a wide range of Services, including strengthening the policy environment, building the capacity of civil Society to encourage advocacy and Community mobilization, social marketing and public-private partnership development, and computer modeling for policy development and resource allocation.

IMCHF Projects

With your help and dedicated team of volunteers we are running these projects with great success

IMCHF Chapters